Mudeungsan National Park

Mudeungsan NP Thumb - Mudeungsan National Park

Mudeungsan National Park As of March 4th, 2013, after years of effort by local citizens and government officials, Mudeungsan has been appointed as Korea’s 21st national park. This move adds a fourth national park to Jeollanamdo and recognizes Gwangju’s “peerless mountain” as a natural treasure for the whole country. “Mudeungsan is Gwangju’s true mountain, and even though it is beautiful and comfortable like a mother’s bosom, it has only been recognized as a representative mountain…

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Gyeongju National Park

Gyeongju Thumb 200x150 - Gyeongju National Park

Gyeongju National Park Gyeongju National Park is a bevy of cultural preserves dating back to the Silla Kingdom. Unlike the other parks located in the area, this park is segmented into individual districts. However, admission fee covers entry to the entire park because the districts are segmented for the government administration. Because Gyeongju itself is a historic city with many important historic sites and relics, Gyeongju is divided into 7 districts, and the park is…

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Korea National Parks

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Korea National Parks 21 National Parks If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the great outdoors, you are in for a treat. There are 21 national parks in Korea for you to choose from, including three marine parks. The first designated national park also happens to be the largest, Jirisan National park (지리산국립공원) located in the southwest. Parks are home to a variety of wildlife, and have been kept in remarkably pristine condition. Korea…

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Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan NP Thumb 2 - Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park Mt. Bukhansan is situated in the northern part of Seoul. Designated as a national park in 1983, the mountain is 78.45km wide and has 6 districts and extends out into Gyeonggi-do Province. The name Bukhansan means “big mountain in the north,” and it is also called Mt. Samgaksan. Mt. Bukhansan has such smooth curves that the large granite rocks sometimes look as if they would slide down the mountain. The sharp peaks…

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Juwangsan National Park

Juwangsan NP Thumb - Juwangsan National Park

Juwangsan National Park Juwangsan is the mountain composed of valleys with curious stones. Juwangsan National park is relatively low and small but it creates abeautiful landscape. Having lots of legends, scenic figures and curious rocks, it attracts many visitors every year. It is called Sogeumgang, themost beautiful place in Gyeongsangbuk-do area, and one of the three great mountains in Korea, having many fantastic rocky cliffs andgorgious valleys. The mountain was designated as the 12th National…

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Jirisan National Park

Jirisan NP Thumb 200x150 - Jirisan National Park

Jirisan National Park Jirisan is the largest and oldest of Korea’s national parks. Founded in 1967, the park has an area of 440 km2. The mountains of Jirisan are part of the Great Baekdusan Mountain Range which extends all the way into North Korea. The primary ridge in the park runs East-West from Sancheong County in South Gyeongsang Province to Gurye County in South Jeolla Province. Traditionally, the mountain was thought to be one of…

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