Kumano Kodo

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Kumano Kodo Due South of Kyoto, in the Wakayama Prefecture, lies the Kii Peninsula, stretch of forest and mountains that has long been thought to be the home of many Shinto deities, or spirits, known as “Kami” — which later morphed into expressions of the Bodhisattva as the Buddhist and Shinto faiths became intertwined within Japan’s religious beliefs. As early as the Ninth Century, the country’s early emperors would make a pilgrimage to the region…

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Major events in Japanese history

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The Asuka Era The period from 592 to 710 is called “the Asuka Era,” because the capital was in Asuka district in the era.It was the cradle-time for the imperial dynasty to establish its sovereignty. Buddhism was brought from China : 538 Buddhism was not only a religion but also a vast tome of deep knowledge about everything in those days. Japanese learn various knowledge from Chinese Buddhism priest.Buddhism was also a powerful weapon for…

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