Daruma Japan – Traditional Luck Bringer

Daruma Japan – Traditional Luck Bringer

Who is Daruma?

Most of our knowledge about Bodhidharma comes from a 1053 AD Chinese document named “chuan fa zheng zong ji” If translated into English it means “Record of the Transmission of the Law and Correct Teaching.” It was stated in many accounts that Bodhidharma was said to be the son of a Brahmin king in southern India. After achieving enlightenment, he became the 28th successor to Shaka Nyorai (the Historical Buddha).
According to historical notes, Daruma aka Dharmo was an Indian sage who live sometime around the 5th of the 6th century. He is the undisputed founder of Zen Buddhism, and it many notes pointed that he introduce Zen into china during his travels to the middle kingdom One thing to note is Zen Buddhism is common term only in japan. In china it is known as Chan Buddhism.
There are endless legends about this sage. But there is some common conclusion that he attained enlightenment after mediating in a cave for a number of years. It was disputed as some claim 9 years while some claim 7.
Most of the legends concur that bodhidharma was facing a cave wall at the “Shao lin shi” And due to years of meditation, his arms and leg atrophied, shriveled up and fell off. This is also one of the possible explanation why Daruma Doll has no hand and legs. Some of the legends also credit bodhidharma of cutting off his eyelids as he apparently dozed off during mediation. In a fit of anger, he cut off his eyelid, which fell to the ground and miraculously sprout into china’s first green tea.

What is Daruma Doll

Daruma doll also known as Okiagari Koboshi (Tumbler Doll) is a lucky ornament charm or Talisman. It is a armless and legless doll or tumbler doll, typically made of papier mache and traditionally red in color showing bodhidharma in a seated position. As it is like a roly-poly, when it is knock down, the doll would recover back to it upright position. This signify the determination. While most Daruma dolls are male, some Japanese localities have female daruma.

Where to get Daruma Doll?

Takasaki City (Gunma Prefecture), 100 kilometers north of Tokyo, is the capital of the Daruma doll, a good luck charm, representing a famous Zen monk. The tradition of the Daruma doll as a good luck charm was started at Takasaki Shorinzan Daruma Temple several centuries ago and has since spread across Japan. Today, Takasaki remains the major producer of Daruma dolls, and Shorinzan Daruma Temple continues to host the country largest and most famous Daruma market (Daruma ichi) annually on January 6 and 7, attracting thousands of visitors and offering Daruma dolls of all sizes.

When to get a Daruma?

Any time is a good time to get a Daruma, although the Japanese usually throng the Daruma market on the 6th and 7th of January every year. Daruma generally bless the owner with good luck and fulfill their wishes hence there is no particularly a good time or bad time to get a Daruma. In fact “Anytime is a Good Time and the sooner you get the better it is”. This is especially true when Daruma serve it purpose of blessing the owner with good luck. Everyone, Anyone would be love to have a bout of good luck.

Why get a Daruma ?

Daruma come in different colour which has different significance. Some got it for decorative purpose, some got it as a gift for their love one. Some even use it as a wedding door gift for their guest who attended their wedding. It is very unique and would be the perfect gift to remind the guest of this wonderful and joyous occasion.
The most popular color are the gold and orange Gold bring wealth and Orange bring academic success to their owner.
Car driver would also love to buy red color to place in their car for smooth and safe driving. The table below would summarise the different color significance of Daruma.

BLACK – is for warding off evil and a successful year
BLUE – is for personal success and achievement.
GOLD – is for increased wealth and prosperity.
GREEN – is for increased vitality and good health.
ORANGE – is prayer for school success.
PINK – is for love, marriage proposal and giving birth smoothly.
PURPLE – is for raising to high rank and supremacy.
RED – is for success and safety in all aspects.
WHITE – is for purification, new birth and best wishes.
YELLOW – is for security and protection.

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